The Evidence is mounting…

Is Covid-19 a Hoax??

I have been an advocate for vaccines my entire adult life. Having had extensive experience both receiving and giving vaccines in the military for over 20 years. However, this “International Covid Campaign” is unequalled in medical history. The evidence is mounting that this pandemic campaign is a contrived one.

See the increasing body of work which indicates the fallasy of the ‘pandemic’.

All governments are pushing the continued serial vaccination campaigns through 2029. The USA is generously giving away over 500 Million doses to the 3rd world countries – FREE!!! What’s up with that? Leaders of (Tanzania, Haiti, other) countries which have refused to participate in the Covidstakes have since those decisions, died. Freedom of Movement has been internationally tied to vaccine compliance- Covid Passports.

Something ain’t kosher in Dodge City folks! Read. Seek out further information. Make a rational, fact-based decision on your own.

If it looks like feces, smells like feces, tastes like feces…it ain’t Duck a L’orange.

Good luck folks.

Good luck folks.


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