AMW is an idea from back in 1998 and again in 2008…a notion to write and publish ideas, stories, rants and the like.  The mission was to build a reservoir for personal musings.  Over time ideas change, morph, and regenerate.  In todays environment we shall limit our writing to news articles, travel, sports, and also some technical writing.

AMW news articles featured will be primarily on Culture, the Environment, Emerging countries and their economies/growth, Green Technology, Medical Technology, Nanotech, Newtech, Safety and Health, Public Health, Trends, and Water.

Travel writing will vary depending on the assignment and/or business travel, as well as vacation travel articles.  The primary focus will be on the Western Hemisphere (the Americas).

Sports writing will be confined to an occasional overview observation, as most of my sports related writing relate to collegiate level sports on

Technical writing is a government skill from the past.  The opportunity to tech write is dependent upon emerging industry and technology.  Areas of interest (alphabetically): Bamboo, Land reclamation, New cities & Urban planning, Seawater Desalinization, Textiles/composite fabrics, and the Water environment.