Omaha? What the hey!

Something’s Happening Here…

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Been noticing some unusual, irrational, yet intriguing activity in Omaha, Nebraska, of all places. As a kid in Omaha, back in the day – the major aim of locals in my neighborhood was to get out of Omaha and make your name, your fortune. Omaha however, has transformed several times over the years, from the Railroad Capital, to the Beef Capital, to the Insurance Capital, to the Telemarketing Capital, to the Agribusiness Capital. Steady, staid, reliable – no surprises out of Omaha. Yet their is a palpable undercurrent here: the arts, culture, cuisine, & sports.

The College World Series (CWS) is done, the Olympic Swim Trials are done, yet there is a stream of people and events zoning in and landing in the Big “O”. What the heck is going on? As the old Buffalo Springfield song used to say: “Something’s happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear”.

Well Charlotte, that “something” is this…Omaha and Creighton are movin’ on up! Omaha is no stranger to big events and happenings, being home to the CWS since its’ inception, as well as hosting conventions, concerts, agribusiness expos, and sporting events. The city has hosted NCAA and Olympic Swimming Trials, NCAA Basketball Tournament early rounds with a Regional hosting forthcoming, NCAA Volleyball Championships, major conference wrestling championships, rodeos, etc.

The city’s Metropolitan Entertainment & Convention Authority (MECA) and its’ CenturyLink Center are the focal point of many groups looking for sites for their convention activities. Omaha is capitalizing on its’ great location as a hub for road and rail, with a growing Eppley field aviation hub, and its central national location – as businesses, groups, and other conventioneers seek to optimize their return on convention investments.

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The Bluejays are entering year four of their move to the bigtime in Big East Conference and there is an uptick to the quality of recruits filing into Omaha and the Hilltop. The city is bearing witness to increases in quality and in wins in Creighton’s mens and womens major sports. From Baseball to Volleyball we are seeing both the baseline and the ceiling rise on Creighton Athletics.

Long known as the outstanding Midwest regional academic university, CU is rising to prominence athletically as well, thanks to her affiliation as a member of the Big East and its’ excellent reputation. Creighton has been a model of consistency and sustained athletic successes over the years. However, in this new environment, along with other likeminded, private, and majority Catholic universities, the Bluejays have spread their wings and are beginning to soar higher as never before. A few folks have stated that CU is becoming a “destination” university. I will submit that something is indeed happening – both CU and Omaha are becoming destinations for many people.

Omaha and Creighton have been partners for 138 years now. The partnership is as strong as ever as the two forge ahead in this 21st Century. Both are consulting, planning, preparing for exciting times and future activities. Exciting indeed as these two old friends climb to new heights of success together.

Destination: Omaha!